Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea


Some may well pose the question 'Why should I get involved in service?'   Kerry Alys Robinson is a columnist with the Chicago Catholic and recently she has had this to say about 'Reponsibility and the rite of Baptism':

"Lay participation, leadership, generosity and active engagement in the life of the church are vital for its own transformation and mission efficacy. Exercising baptismal responsibility means actively contributing one’s gifts and expertise to strengthen the church. 

Taking responsibility for the church, calling it to greater levels of holiness, accountability, transparency and trust is a responsibility of baptism. 

Baptism is our gift. Exercising responsibility to ensure the church is welcoming, accountable, effective and the very best it can be is our right and our duty."

Being called by God, and gifted with baptism, each one of us has a responsibilty to be of service, so why not give some thought to just how you might live this out?

Use these pages to come and see where you might be of service. They can: 
  • help you find a way to better serve the local community and the parish 
  • through the various liturgical ministries , including the music ministry
  • perhaps encourage you to get involved in different service opportunities.