Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

The REACH Vietnam appeal is in its 11th year of supporting the girls in KonTum. By supporting this appeal you are helping the girls through their schooling years by providing food and housing during the school term.

Please help support this appeal by donating directly to

Nazareth Parish Outreach
BSB: 083 347
Acc: 9470 66440

Thank you for your donations. 

REACH Vietnam appeal flyer


Each of us has a part to play in fulfilling Nazareth Parish's Mission. 

Our current mission:

The communities with Nazareth Parish deepen their faith by
Celebrating and worshiping joyfully together
Developing and growing through ongoing faith formation
Actively living the mission of Jesus in and through the world.

We thank all our volunteers and community members for their valued contributions.




Weekend Mass Times

Saturday 6pm @ St Christopher's Church, Anglesea

Sunday 8.45am @ St Therese Church, Torquay

Sunday 10.30 @ Nazareth Church, Grovedale

Weekday Mass Times

Wednesday 9.30am @ St Therese Church, Torquay

Thursday 9.30am @ Nazareth Church, Grovedale

Parish News

Veronica Biddle
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Have you ever thought of making a bequest to Nazareth Parish?

A very special request from our Parish Leadership Team.

Whenever we consider our death, we inevitably think about the needs of those left behind - our spouses, our children and their children - those we love most in this world. And many people will also give consideration to the needs of others - their interests during their life, their passions in life, and  even their church - their other loves. 

Perhaps it is worth considering just how deeply one has been affected by the beliefs that have carried them through life, and with gratitude one might consider also including some bequest to the Church or Parish that has seen them through the ups and downs of daily living.  Such a bequest, however small, can be seen as a gift of gratitude for having been loved into existence by our God.

Would you give it consideration please?


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