Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

Welcome 'CUPPA'

At Nazareth Church in Grovedale on Sunday mornings,  our people will welcome you with a cuppa and a biscuit - all you have to do is wander over to the servery and make your request.  However as easy as that sounds the people behind the counter need to know if you are new to the Grovedale community.  If you are game enough to introduce yourself they will be able to introduce you to someone else. Over a few Sundays we can look out for you and gradually you will become more accustomed to our names and face, and get to know individuals.
At St Therese Church in Torquay on Sunday mornings, our people will also welcome you with tea and coffee after Mass.  There is a Welcome Table in the foyer as you arrive so you can introduce yourself there and again, someone will then be able to introduce you around and help you to get to know the locals.
At St Christopher's Church in Anglesea things are a little different as the weekend mass is at 6pm on Saturday night, so there is little chance for a cuppa afterwards. However the welcome is just as warm if you can bring yourself to say hello and introduce yourself to someone. This is a smaller community then either Nazareth or St Therese, and for that reason it is easier to integrate.
Once you have arrived at a level of comfort with your local community, please feel free to offer to help with the 'cuppa' as it is an ideal way to get to know even more of our people