Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea


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Returning to Church

No matter how long or how short a time you have been away from from the Church, you are indeed welcome!
Some people are baptised as infants; others as young adults; and others as mature aged adults. No matter when their journey begins, many find themselves living their lives without much, if any, connection with the church.  For a whole variety of reasons they don't want to be connected.
But God and his Spirit do work in strange ways at times.  Perhaps there is a longing within a person for something more out of life; or a sense that there is something missing; perhaps it is occasioned by a child's questions..or a parent's death?  Whatever the impetus, you can be sure that searching and finding your way back to an active faith is in fact the love of the Father and the work of the Holy Spirit drawing you home.
It is not an easy thing to walk into a church when you have been away for a while. Like so many difficult things in life it is  that first step that is the hardest.  We would like to make it easier for you so please Contact Us and someone will get in touch to make a time to meet with you first.  When you know you can get to church, that person will be there to welcome you so that you have a friendly face to greet you.  We make this a quiet and gentle introduction allowing you to set the pace of your return.  Truly, the rest is up to you...and God!
If you have some particular issue that has been at the root of your absence, please feel free to ring the Parish Office on 52439891 to make an appointment with Fr Linh, who is only too pleased to meet with you and give whatever guidance is needed.