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Why Become Catholic?

"Born earlier than expected into a strong Catholic family, I  was baptised even before I was meant to be on earth! Education in all spheres was shaped by the love and faith of my family.  In spite of persistent thoughts of a religious vocation during my formative years, by the time I left school I had already decided that religion was boring and irrelevant.  I was out to enjoy life!" 

This story is often typical of what some call 'cradle Catholics', those baptised before they had any say in such a decision. Many find that the bright lights of a self serving lifestyle are far more attractive than acknowledging God as a friend. Yet at the same time, many find such diversion away from God brings little peace or joy. Many struggle and begin to ask questions about the purpose of life and to search for a sense of meaning in life. They want to live in the real world AND they want to be fulfilled and happy while they're at it. Isn't this what we all want??
So why be Catholic?  Because to be Catholic is to be in full union with the one thing that can make a person most sane and most happy. Yes, that is a very tall claim, but there is no arrogance in it because it is a truthful claim. This is what the Catholic Church teaches - that it is "the Church of the living God, pillar and support of the truth." (1 Ti 3:15). It promises to be the one institution established and commissioned by Jesus Christ himself, to bring about the peace and joy and fullness of truth that Christ offers to all.  G.K.Chesterton had difficulty explaining why he was a catholic because ""there are ten thousand reasons all amounting to one reason: that Catholicism is true."
Back to that question 'Why be Catholic?'.  Many would say that they are Catholic because they are convinced that the Church is the only place they will find the fullness of truth and joy; because they believe that Catholicism is true.
If you have been questioning or struggling or searching for 'something more' perhaps this is God's way of calling you home, of calling you into a deeper friendship with Him.  Perhaps it is time to have another look at the Catholic Church, with an open and enquiring mind, and we would be pleased to support you in your searching.

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